Best AR 15 Scope Which one?

Best AR 15 Scope

Finding the right scope for an AR 15 can be a daunting task. With so many sizes, strengths, and manufacturers, it can become confusing. By keeping some basic factors in mind, the field can be narrowed considerably, and the choice will Best AR 15 Scopebecome clearer.

What the firearm is to be used for is a primary consideration. Shooting a ten-inch target at 50 or 100 yards will require the best ar15 scope much different than a two-inch target or prairie dog at 400 yards. If a lot of practice time will be spent at a range, a large magnification may be too much for the shorter yardage. In addition, if the rifle is going to be subjected to rough handling or packed through the brush, reliability and size will have to be considered.

Fixed magnification scopes are durable, compact, can be mounted low to the barrel, and have fewer parts to break. The disadvantage is that only one magnification is possible. If the rifle is to be used for a fixed purpose, fixed magnification scopes are the best bets for the money.

In the past, variable-power scopes were not as rugged as fixed magnification models. While this may still be true to an extent, technology is allowing variables to be extremely rugged in the field. Variables allow the shooter to adjust for different ranges, allowing for a more versatile experience. A larger the magnification necessitates a larger objective lens, and larger objectives also allow more light to be available to the eye. They also must be mounted higher above the barrel, and that changes the way the rifleman holds his head to be able to see through the scope. Larger objective lenses also produce a bulkier rifle in the brush.

The eye relief may be a factor if mounting a scope on the handle of an AR 15. Since the eye will be far above the gun stock when sighting, the eye relief will have to be longer to compensate.

While not technically a scope, red-dot sights and holographic sights have advantages as well. They allow the shooter to shoot with both eyes open, and since they do not magnify the target, eye relief is not much of an issue. For close in targets under 100 yards these sighting devices are an excellent choice for many hunters and target shooters.

Finally, it is usually a good policy to purchase the best ar 15  scope you can afford. Keep in mind a person almost always gets what they pay for. So make an informed, thoughtful choice before you buy your new scope.